Self Love Lives Where?

Listen up Fellas...and Ladies too!
I saw a post this morning and thought I’d sprinkle it with some “Bruh,” ya dig?
Playa....perhaps you’re attracting and falling in love with people who can only love you as much as you love yourself. Life changes when you VOW to only fall in love with people who are capable of loving you as much as you love yourself. Here’s what happens to us...
When you reach the ceiling of your own self-worth, and she tries to elevate you beyond, you may feel she’s emasculating you and you push back. It might not be your fault, because perhaps faulty concepts of maleness, manhood and masculinity skewed your ability to develop emotional reasoning.

Now, people toss around the term “love yourself” like dem’ hot, buttery pockets of deliciousness at Lambert’s....but ain’t nan’ person explaining what it looks like or how to do it.
Ladies, you get played when you give a man more than he’s able to give himself FIRST. By the time you realize it, you’re already in too deep. Dass’how y’all end up in these conversations about “Build a Bear” men. Chiiiiile, STAAAHHHHP. Practice “The Wait” in SOME area of relationship building.
Conversely fellas....ain’t no amount of kindness you can show to someone who just ain’t ready, and ain’t meant for you. This is how you end up compromising yourself. Be your genuine self, but don’t be outchea’ tryna convince mfs you’re the one. You’ll end up an option, instead of an only. Practice relationships will take a toll.
Fellas, you absolutely won’t be able to experience the fullness of love in a relationship if you can’t find peace in yourself. That means giving attention to and resolving mommy/daddy issues and fake/unhealthy loyalties. Yeah, pimpin’....we have em’ too. Quit playing with me.
It means commitment to learning how you’re experiencing your own evolution into maleness, manhood and masculinity, so you can see where conflict is happening. It’s not’s elevation. When she values your health, she’s tryna keep you around, fool. If you’re reading this and haven’t had an annual, gitcho’ass up and move something. I stayyyyyy in touch with my PCP, Dr. Otha Myles. If you love yourself, you’ll go to the doctor. If you love your family, you’ll do wtf he tells you to do (rinse and repeat). If you love your brother like I love mine, you’ll refer. I stayyyyy at the chiropractor. Call Proficient Chiropractic and learn the importance of your central nervous system.....and enjoy that good crackin’.
I’swea’fo’’s life changing.
Gitchu’ a therapist and go ask some questions. If nothing else, just go 🤮 and sort your thoughts out.
If you’re not emotionally this. If you’re not physically well, you won’t be emotionally well. If you’re not emotionally well, you won’t be motivated to get physically well.
She thought you loved yourself more, because you sold wolf-tickets. You wanted a companion, too. That’s ok. Time to learn some new skills and actually apply them.
Man listen, watch how you change the atmosphere when you turn toward yourself FIRST. Thennnnnn, when God sends that person who is the perfect COMPLIMENT, you’ll be ready. You complete you. God sends the compliment.
I tilt rooms, Bruh. Flat out...
You can do the same thing.
Grown man bidness....