Generational Wealth

When we speak of creating generational wealth let’s think beyond financial assets. Let’s not forget the importance of showing our children what healthy, functional relationships (intimate, friendships, business) look like. It’s ok to help set their expectations by providing visible examples as opposed to handing out harsh judgements or trying to control their narratives.
Being able to communicate in a way that allows you to effectively resolve conflict, express desires and set and maintain boundaries are incredibly valuable assets that should be passed down as well.
While we’re at it, let’s have open, honest conversations about mental wellness along with conversations about what types of mental and physical ailments exist in our lineages so our children are able to take preventative measures in advance where possible as well as make sound decisions about how they govern their bodies from the inside-out.
All of these things are as important as the money and access to money we leave the generations behind us and will serve to help them live positive, purposeful lives. Just some thoughts...