A Message for Mamas...

Say this with me: On my WORST personal day, my presence (as a woman, wife, mother etc) is powerful and impacting. Declare today:
…..I am worthy and deserving of love
…..As a giver of life, it is important I feel the power of giving love to someone else
…..My value cannot be defined without my consent or permission, and I will not give ANYONE that kind of power except ME!
…..My beliefs (especially about myself), my attitude, my words, my actions, and my thoughts are MY personal property. No person, place or thing has the power to control my property. They may have influence. They may have concern. But I am in control.
…..I will respond to situations based on what I know to be true about ME
…..When I become overwhelmed, rather than emote, I will reserve the right to “tap out,” determine a re-entry point, process, keep the main thing the main thing, then respond
…..I will not allow others views to alter my vision
…..I will separate myself from mediocrity by effectively setting, and voraciously pursuing and achieving my goals
…..I will show gratitude at all times
Which of these declarations has the most importance to you? Why?